Recent Project:
Volvo Penta Engine Service

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Department: Engines & Generators
Product Summary: Main Engine Service on a Volvo Penta as part of annual winter maintenance schedule
Boat: Oyster 575

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In addition to the scheduled service, on inspection of the engine bay, our technicians noted a leak on the sea water pump and issues with the turbo charger inlet. Whilst removing the fuel filters, a broken sensor is discovered, furthermore, rust spots on the exhaust sensor as well.

The sea water pump is removed and brought back to the workshop for diagnostics. After some tests it is determined that a new pump is needed.

To begin with, the engine is run for approximately 20 minutes allowing the oil to heat up, making it less viscous and allowing it to flow more freely when the engineers come to drain it from the system. Additionally, by running the engine, any contaminants in the oil, such as dirt and metal particles, are suspended within the oil, allowing them to be carried away when the oil is drained.

Items removed and replaced as part of the service:

  • Raw water pump
  • Air filter
  • Turbo heat shield oil filler pipe
  • Primary and secondary fuel filters
  • Oil filter
  • Alternator belts
  • Engine oil
  • Gear box oil
  • Faulty sensors replaced

Also included as standard, a clean up of the engine bay and bilges, pipes tidied with cable ties, oil levels checked pre and post running the engine and all covers re-fitted before stepping off.