Hydraulic systems are becoming vital for the operation of both sailing yachts and motor boats of all sizes; the key valuable element of hydraulics being their strength and ability to hold massive loads under pressure. We are incorporating a variety of hydraulic systems into many of our recent yacht refit projects. Our hydraulics department interconnects with both the electrical and engineering departments as well as benefitting from our in-house fabrication of custom parts. This complete package allows us to take control of jobs from start to finish without the need for out sourcing labour or parts.

Marine Hydaulics Experts

Our skilled technicians are capable of servicing and making repairs to all kinds of hydraulic systems:

  • Bathing platforms
  • Hydraulic vangs
  • Stabilizers
  • Passarelles
  • Engine bay hatches and garage doors
  • Lifting keels
  • Rig tensioning
  • Cranes

Hydraulics are a reliable way to move heavy items on board a yacht, but only when correctly maintained. Incorporating a check and service of your hydraulics equipment into your annual yacht maintenance schedule, as recommended by the manufacturers, will not only extend the life of the component parts but also reduce the risk of system failures and related safety concerns.

Safety is of the upmost importance when building a hydraulic system. We understand it is imperative that seemingly small issues are addressed promptly, for example a small oil leak will affect the performance of the whole system, with the potential for catastrophic failures. Not only would this bring extra safety risks, but also a higher price tag.

New Hydraulics Systems

Our experienced team can assist with all aspects of installing a completely new hydraulic system. From the design and planning phase, to load calculations and part specifications, to finding space on board for the equipment to fit, and finally the installation, we can help at every stage.

Berthon Spain’s capabilities to fabricate custom parts at short notice can dramatically speed up the time frame for any repair, thus allowing you to get back to cruising on your yacht instead of being stuck in port.

Every Aspect of Marine Hydraulics

Our capacity to be involved in the process from manufacturing custom parts, their assembly and finally the installation and commissioning of hydraulic systems means Berthon Spain are fully prepared to take on your next hydraulics project!


Within our facilities in Son Oms we have a fully equipped hydraulic workshop. This area is separated from the main facility so as to avoid contamination. In this department we are able to work on all manner of hydraulic jobs including:

  • Valve checks
  • Making up hydraulic hoses
  • Re-building hydraulic rams
  • Servicing hydraulic pumps

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