Antifoul & Polishing

Our technicians are able to apply antifoul either during a yard period in one of Palma’s shipyards, or during a period of winter storage in our customised facility. This applies as well to any of the tenders that we keep in storage. They also benefit from a yearly removal of barnacles and other marine growth and the application of antifoul.


From many years of experience, we always recommend to our clients a yearly application of antifoul to the hull of your yacht. This may stretch up to 2 to 3 years depending on the type of antifoul used, for example Jotun, which in the right conditions can last up to 36 months. The correct application of fresh antifouling paint is reliant on a strong, clean base to work on. We cannot stress enough the importance of sanding back the old paint and properly preparing the surface of the hull before the new paint can be applied. Having a clean, smooth, growth free hull is proven to be hugely beneficial in many ways. The reduction in resistance under the water allows for a more efficient use of fuel and less strain on the engines. Under sail you will find an increase in boat speed thanks to a freshly cleaned hull. And you will of course be upholding the value of your boat by keeping a proper maintenance schedule. As part of this scheduled maintenance we also recommend the additional application of Propspeed to the propellers and shaft, and antifoul on thrusters where applicable.



Time and effort put into polishing the superstructure of your yacht or motor boat will not just improve the aesthetics, but will protect the surface from harmful UV rays and the corrosive effects of saltwater. We recommend a yearly polish of the hull above the waterline and superstructure above deck level. To restore the paint or gel coat back to as-new condition, a 3 stage method of polishing is used, the final coat of which is the UV protective layer. Once the initial hard work is done, maintaining the hull throughout the season will be much easier.

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