Winches & Windlasses

Winch repair, captive winch servicing and windlass Servicing

Berthon Spain are specialists in yacht winch repair, yacht windlass servicing and captive winch servicing. We have worked on an enormous range of these units from the little Lewmars, to massive MUIR V22000 on an 80M Feadship. The basics are the same on them all, but the big ones get very heavy!

With our capability to fabricate most parts in-house we haven’t yet come across a winch or windlass that we couldn’t return to as new condition. Having the ability to fabricate our own parts means that we can reduce lengthy lead times and often we can produce these parts less expensively.

Specialists in captive winch and windlass servicing

Regular winch servicing is a safety measure as well as a contribution towards the lifespan of winch systems and their components. We regularly find that this crucial service work can be forgotten and the safety impact of not keeping up with this maintenance can of course have disastrous consequences. Our experience speeds up this time-consuming task. Berthon Spain have all of the heavy lifting equipment required to handle these chunky pieces of kit. We have large hydraulic jacks which help to extract these mammoths and hydraulic presses to remove the large shafts from the gearboxes.

Also having a large parts washer, sand blaster and paint booth means we can restore everything to almost original condition.