Marine Engines & Generators

Our team of skilled engineers are capable of carrying out mechanical refits on every scale. We work with all types of marine engine – inboard, outboard, diesel, gasoline, covering all brands of engine. Berthon Spain are official service dealers for Mercury engines. Whether you are needing a service on your main engine or an installation of a new generator, Berthon Spain can help.

Marine Engine Experts

Regular Maintenance

The key to preventing mechanical failures and breakdowns is scheduled maintenance and regular checks. Scheduled servicing in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines is the optimal way to make sure your yachts’ engines and generators work flawlessly by design. In our experience, even neglected marine engines can on occasion be brought back to life and restored to full working order after an intensive period of maintenance.


Engine or generator restoration is often a much more economical solution to a complete replacement. At Berthon Spain we keep an electronic database of each marine engines’ service history, allowing us instant access to information such as when the last service took place, which parts were changed and any items that were noted for future checks by our engineers. This system allows us to store part numbers, serial numbers and photographs of the equipment so that when a boat is on a tight schedule, we can have a solution ready for when they arrive in port.

Mechanical Upgrades

Upgrades to mechanical equipment onboard, either as part of a wider refit project or a renovation of the engine room, is something we regularly do at Berthon Spain. Marine engines and generators have a finite lifespan, and the time will come when one or the other needs to be replaced.

Engine Replacement

When commencing an engine replacement with the removal of the old one, our technicians understand that it is essential to work in a precise and methodical manner, ensuring each connecting hose and auxiliary equipment is properly disconnected and clearly labelled for the installation of the new engine. This will be done in conjunction with our yacht electrical engineers, who are on hand to re-wire and re-program all of the necessary items.


These major projects can be carried out while the boat is in the water, or out on hard standing in one of the shipyards in Palma. Whilst berthed in a marina, our engineers will be able to undertake numerous mechanical tasks including:

  • complete generator and marine engine servicing
  • heat exchanger removal and testing
  • valve adjustments and timing corrections
  • removal and service of fuel injectors

Tender Engines

If the engine in question is on your tender, Berthon Spain have the expertise to help. Either inboard or outboard engines on your tender can be serviced or repaired within our specialised yacht and tender storage facility. Servicing an outboard engine goes hand in hand with our winter tender storage scheme. Breakdowns during the season can be dealt with easily due to our close proximity to Palma bay and all of Palma’s marinas.

We Work with all Brands