Yacht Management

Super Yacht ManagementSuper yacht management involves a multifaceted approach to ensure the smooth operation, maintenance, and enjoyment of high-end yachts. In essence, Berthon Spain’s approach to yacht management strives to create an environment where your yacht is not only a source of joy but also a secure and optimized asset.

Effective yacht management and asset value protection go hand in hand, forming the cornerstone of our comprehensive yacht management services. At our core, we are dedicated to ensuring that your yacht is administered, maintained, and operated to the highest standards, all while optimizing costs. This commitment allows you to fully enjoy your yacht, surrounded by friends and family, without the burden of managing its intricate operations.

In summary, super yacht management goes beyond the basics to provide a truly bespoke and high-end experience, addressing every facet of ownership with sophistication and attention to detail.

Operational & Logistics Management

Operational & Logistics Management is a domain where precision is paramount, forming the backbone of our approach. At Berthon Spain we recognise the uniqueness of each vessel, thus addressing the specific needs and usage preferences of the owner.

Yacht Safety & Compliance

Yacht Safety & Compliance is of the upmost importance. Proper seamanship, in line with regulations, will inevitably result in compliance with ISM. Berthon Spain can assist with the implementation of ISM on board, establishing appropriate safeguards and providing yacht-relevant checklists.

Technical Management

Given the complexity of superyachts, Technical Management is as elaborate and advanced as each individual yacht. A comprehensive understanding of superyacht systems involving detailed maintenance planning, knowledge of cutting-edge equipment, strategic planning for upgrades and refits and a team of skilled technicians to handle any technical challenges.

Financial Management

Financial Management at Berthon Spain means meticulous planning and budgeting, involving overseeing expenses, optimizing operational costs, and providing transparent financial reports to the owner.

Crew Services

Crew Services extends beyond just hiring crew. Management of contracts, ensuring compliance with international regulations, crew qualification vetting, crew training and conflict resolution are all part of the procedures in place to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Yacht Management, Berthon Spain

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