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Berthon Spain is located in vibrant Palma de Mallorca, heart of the Western Mediterranean yachting scene. MD Andrew Fairbrass spent many years as a yacht captain before moving ashore to set up Sentinel Yachting, offering local yachtsmen high quality refit and repair services as well as comprehensive guardiennage packages. In September 2018 Sentinel Yachting joined our ranks to become Berthon Spain.

The company has grown from strength to strength. Simon Turner has now joined Berthon UK, from Northrop & Johnson Spain, to head up yacht sales in Spain and work closely with Berthon HQ in the UK and with Addy Daly in Spain. There is a growing fleet of brokerage yachts, both in the Balearic Islands and on the mainland. The service and guardiennage part of the business has grown hugely since 2018 and it is hard to visit Palma without seeing evidence of the Berthon crew in action.

Meet the Team

andrew-fairbrass-2022, Berthon Brokerage
Andrew Fairbrass

Managing Director
0034 971 415 441

sjt-2023-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Simon Turner

Managing Broker

alice-dubini-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Alice Dubini

Office Manager

addy-daly-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Addy Daly

Guardiennage Manager

rowan-fairbrass-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Rowan Fairbrass

Social Media Co-ordinator

karla-lua-2023-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Karla Lua

Accounts Assistant

nathalie-miquel-elcano-2023-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Nathalie Miquel-Elcano

Brokerage & Administration Support

jaume-benejam-2023-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Jaume Benejam

Head of Technical

richard-green-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Richard Green

Lead Electrical Engineer

fabian-santos-2023-1, Berthon Brokerage
Fabian Santos

Technical Coordinator

leo-laterza-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Leo Laterza

Marine Electrician

, Berthon Brokerage
Joe Worsley

Marine Electrician

adrian-bordoy-23, Berthon Brokerage
Adrian Bordoy

Senior Engineer

alex-omiadze-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Alex Omiadze


graham-arnold-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Graham Arnold


pere-estanol-bruguera-23, Berthon Brokerage
Pere Estañol Bruguera


, Berthon Brokerage
Marc Sastre

Junior Engineer

mario-molina-romero-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Mario Molina Romero

Fabricator and Welder

juan-daquino-23, Berthon Brokerage
Juan Daquino

Painting and Composites

, Berthon Brokerage
Alberto Balle

Painting and Composites

richard-potts-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Richard Potts


carlos-rodriguez-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Carlos Rodriguez


giles-walton-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Giles Walton

Guardiennage Captain

jenny-casswell-2021-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Jenny Caswell

Guardiennage Crew

maria-pavlova-18, Berthon Brokerage
Maria Pavlova

Guardiennage Crew

viktoriia-atamanchuk-2022-120x120, Berthon Brokerage
Viktoriia Atamanchuk

Guardiennage Crew

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