Pumps & Tanks

Under the floorboards and inside the engine room of all boats of all shapes and sizes, you will find pipes, pumps, tanks and machinery. Bilge pumps, fresh water pumps, salt water pumps, shower pumps, the list goes on. It is very easy to forget when they are hidden away, but these pipes and pumps must be maintained along with everything else on board.

Using potable water grade pipes is essential throughout the fresh water system. Leaks must be dealt with promptly as fresh water that has been exposed to the air allows bacterial growth to infect not just the pipes but the water tanks as well. When installing a watermaker, filters are an essential part of the system, but there are many further filter options that can be installed, for example limestone filters to add minerals to drinking water, or purifying systems to treat all water before reaching the tanks.

When brass or bronze fittings are used in a plumbing system, it is important to remember that they must not be used together. A mix of metals in the same system results in galvanic corrosion which can have devastating effects on numerous parts throughout the boat.

Whether you would like to upgrade your fresh water pump to a quieter model, install a higher capacity bilge pump, or a complete refit of the grey water piping system, Berthon Spain are well prepared to carry out the job for you.

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