Refits and Projects

Yacht Refit Services, Palma de Mallorca

Berthon Spain have carried out several full refits and countless projects (or pitstops – as we call them). For yachts up to 30 metres (100 feet), we carry out most of the work in house with our expert team. This allows us to retain full control and responsibility of the project’s budget, timescales and of course the quality of the work that is delivered.

With any large project, we begin by having discussions with the owner and/or crew about what is most important to them. We then carry out a detailed inspection of the yacht and add to this, any suggestions we may have. Our initial focus is always on the safety and mechanical items and any structural changes. Of course, the aesthetics of a yacht are just as important, but the budgeting is usually straighter forward and relative to work that can be done in a second phase.

After we have put together detailed job lists, we then can start quoting and putting together drawings and ideas, before moving onto the more exciting bit of arranging haul outs and agreeing the timescales.

For larger refits and projects on yachts not under EU flag, we would often recommend a TPA so that these works can be carried out without VAT (IVA). This is a legal method in which yachts can be temporarily imported whilst not in use and many of the refit works and maintenance can then be done VAT free.

Berthon Spain’s office team and project managers will arrange the TPAs for you and of course will ensure that the yards are booked, containment tents are arranged, insurances checked, and a detailed time schedule has been planned.

Berthon will then help to prepare your yacht for the refit by removing all personal items and soft furnishings and putting them in storage. We lay down protection on anything that could perhaps be damaged in the process and remove fittings that will get in the way of painting, teak replacements or engineering. The tender may also need to come into storage. Berthon Spain’s storage unit can accommodate it all.

If we were replacing an engine or generator or other mechanical equipment, then we would aim to carry this out as a priority before any cosmetic works begin. When we are painting a yacht it is especially important that no other works are going on at this time as it can cause contamination of the paint.

For examples of works that Berthon Spain can carry out, or which may form part of a refit or large project please see below:

  • Engine or generator replacement.
  • Rudder removal and bearings replacements.
  • Sandblasting and antifouling.
  • Keel removal and reinstallation.
  • Teak deck replacement or repairs.
  • Hull and superstructure painting.
  • Winch replacements.
  • Navigation equipment upgrades.
  • Metal works and fabrications.
  • Mast removal and rig servicing.
  • Electrical upgrades.
  • Plumbing installations and new pipework & heads.
  • Interior carpentry and revamps.

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