Yacht Electronics Services

At Berthon Spain, we recognise the importance of having highly skilled marine electricians on our team, ready to complete any type of electrical installation as well as to complement our other departments. The seamless integration of electrical systems into modern yachts has become a vital part of standard operations, as many critical systems rely on either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC).

Accuracy and Expertise

Accurate wiring is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a critical safety feature that plays an indispensable role in every yacht refit or project. Proper planning is the foundation for any electrical project, to incorporate both the existing on board equipment along with any new installations, whether they will be on the DC or AC circuits.

When it comes to making alterations to a yacht’s original factory electrical installation, it is imperative that these modifications are clearly documented, and carried out in the correct manner. Few things are as frustrating as attempting to diagnose an electrical issue on a yacht, only to discover the schematics are inaccurate or the wires are not properly labelled.

The generator(s) is the beating heart of any large yacht and at Berthon Spain, we often emphasize that if you can start your generator then everything else can be salvaged from there. With many modern amenities relying on 230 volts, having a good AC system and knowing exactly how the system works and its capabilities/shortcomings is of the upmost importance.

When we install new generators and their associated wiring, we will always be sure to carry out the necessary calculations to tailor the generator to the yacht’s specific needs, ensuring they will fully meet the requirements of the onboard systems.

The other main power sources on your yacht are your batteries, engine alternator and your inverter. We understand the importance of ensuring that your yacht’s batteries are in good condition, well maintained and with enough AMP hours to meet the yacht’s needs, and all this can be regularly reviewed by our skilled electricians.

There are of course many battery options to choose from; Lead Acid, AGM, Gel or Lithium Ions. We have extensive experience with all options and can offer informed recommendations based on your needs.

Battery installations and Lithium Ions

Effective control of all these components often entails the use of a Power Management System, Monitoring & Alarms System, and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Our team are highly trained and experienced in working with these and stay up to date with the latest advances in technology.

PLC Systems

Reliable internet and local area networks (LAN) on board have quickly become a subject of great importance in the yachting community. Internet and wifi onboard is no longer seen as a luxury, but vital to the successful running of a superyacht; providing essential communication channels throughout the boat and with the wider world. Berthon Spain are registered installers for Starlink, and our knowledgeable team will be able to advise on what equipment would fit your requirements.

Starlink Internet and WIFI Onboard

Upgrading your Navigation Equipment often goes hand in hand with on board internet installations. Our marine electricians have backgrounds as superyacht crew and fully understand the importance of good quality, reliable navigation equipment.

Berthon Spain have carried out numerous upgrades, from changing to the latest chart plotter, to a full redesign and refit of every item from the depth sounder to the wind vane.

Navigation Equipment Installation

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