Recent Project:
Hatch Installation

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Department: Marine Engineering
Product Summary: Install two new hatches in each forward cabin of the catamaran, including cutting new holes and constructing the surrounds from marine ply.
Boat: Catana 65

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As part of a larger refit project, the new owner of this Catana 65 requested that a new hatch be cut into each forward cabin to allow more light in. After in-depth discussions between our Head of Technical and the owner, the positions were agreed upon, measured and the hatches were ordered. Our shipwright doing the work cutting into the deck discovered that in one hull, the deck section was made from wood pulp, yet in the other hull, he found foam.

This meant that two different solutions were needed for fixing the hatches in place. The owner chose Vetus Planus hatches to be installed, which were ordered to size through our local supplier at Motonautica. In the workshop, the interior fasciae of the hatches are carefully constructed from marine plywood and then sanded and painted. A coat of epoxy prepares them for the harsh life at sea! Epoxy is used to stop water penetrating the wood but also adds resistance to wear and tear on the surface. To complete the installation, the interior headlining panels have also been adjusted to fit the new hatches.