18th May 2021
From the big blue shed into the big blue!

From the big blue shed into the big blue!

Over the winter months, Berthon Spain’s big blue shed has been full of all sorts of yachts which we have been returning to ‘good as new’ condition. We currently still have three Windy 39 Camiras, a Windy 31 Zonda and our tender racks are still full of RIB’s and dinghies. All of them have been given the full Berthon TLC package and we are looking forward to re-introducing them to their owners as restrictions on travel start to ease.

Bringing the yachts into storage for the winter months not only drastically reduces the costs of mooring them, but importantly, stops the clock in terms of deterioration as a result of being subjected to elements over a Mediterranean winter.

From the big blue shed into the big blue!

Of course, it also allows us to carry out any works that are needed. We have been super busy with antifouling, polishing hulls and superstructures, engine servicing, drive leg servicing, paint repairs, teak deck replacement, PropSpeed application, anode replacement, electrical installations, seacock servicing and more, all whilst they are snugly tucked up in storage.

Once our yacht owners want them back in the water, they are picked up on a low loader which is specifically designed for moving yachts. We take them back to the shipyard, launch them, commission them, and drive them back to their berths. Our guardiennage team then give them a final polish up and we then get to reintroduce a sparkling new looking yacht to a very happy owner.

From the big blue shed into the big blue!

Any RIBS under our care in storage can be easily launched at almost a moment’s notice. We have our own large RIB trailer and a big forklift that is able to lift them off our tender racks. The RIB outboards are also serviced by our engineers, old fuel is drained, fuel tanks cleaned, antifoul is applied if required, batteries are checked and gel repairs are carried out as necessary. Finally, they are valeted by our guardiennage team and given a detailed check over by one of our technicians.

From the big blue shed into the big blue!

Whilst the coming months will hopefully see most of these yachts returned to the water for their owners to enjoy, we are now taking bookings for yacht and tender storage in our lovely new big blue shed for the 2021/22 winter. We already have a super yacht chase boat booked in for painting and Yamaha engine replacement, as well as Williams jet tender coming in for extensive GRP repair. We also have two masts from sailing yachts booked in for painting.

If we can help with any storage requirements, big or small then please do get in touch with us at Berthon Spain.

Managing Director – andrew.fairbrass@berthonspain.com
Tel: +34 971 415 441

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