PLC systems & Böning Ship Automation

With a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system installed, you have the ability to monitor and control all aspects of your yachts’ operation, security and climate control on board from a centralised interface. It sounds almost too good to be true! but is made possible with a PLC . The team of yacht electricians at Berthon Spain are well equipped to help with a full installation from new, as well as fault finding on existing systems, and expanding systems as part of an electrical refit.

PLC Peace of Mind

A PLC can bring peace of mind with its precise, reliable yet flexible control. The technology of a Programmable Logic Controller as a specialised computer stems from industrial settings where they are used on production lines to control electromechanical processes. In their basic form, they monitor inputs from sensors, process the data and then control the outputs to automate machines or processes. A key benefit to a PLC is the huge flexibility this can give, as they can be easily re-programmed to suit any requirement.

Superyacht Technology

This technology transitions perfectly to the demands of a superyacht, where instant control and access to information is needed. A PLC system can monitor fuel and water tank levels, show information on shore power and battery state of charge, read information on the operating temperature and rpm of the generator. With its individual programming, an output can be decided for each of these inputs, for example a high temperature reading would initiate an engine shut down and sound an alarm, alerting crew if action is necessary.

Böning Ship Automation

An alternative to a PLC is a Ship Automation system. Berthon Spain are pleased to be an official dealership for Böning Ship Automation who pioneered this technology. From superyacht electronics refit packages, to modular alarm, monitoring and control systems, to displays and panel PCs for the bridge, Berthon Spain can supply and install the necessary parts and components for a Böning system.

Böning ship electronics are not only ideally suited for initial outfitting, but also for refit measures on used vessels. Deciding to carry out an electrical refit on an older vessel allows the owner to bring on board the very latest technology. The use of modern communication media on the bridge allows the ship operator comfortable and well-organized access to all data relevant to the vessel’s safety and operation. Böning offer a number of options for refit packages including Engine Monitoring, Remote Access Package, Tank Data Monitoring, Navigation Lights System and Trim Tabs Control. Their systems are designed as module packages, allowing the flexibility for your refit to be completely customised and easily expanded whenever necessary. Each aspect can be tailored to customer specific requirements, making a Böning Ship Automation installation with Berthon Spain a highly desirable asset on your yacht.

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