Starlink Internet and WIFI Onboard

StarlinkInternet connectivity is now a vital aspect of the superyacht experience. In recent years, having Internet access on board has gone from a luxury to a necessity, reflecting the modern demands and expectations of passengers and crew.

On-board Internet access allows you to remotely monitor and control various on-board systems, such as security cameras, climate control, lighting and entertainment systems. This allows crew members to effectively manage the yacht’s operations, even when they are not physically present in certain areas. The crew can also access up-to-date weather forecasts, navigation charts and warnings, as well as easily connect with emergency assistance services should the need arise.

Pioneering Technology

Berthon Spain’s yacht electricians have installed a wide variety of equipment and different systems to provide Internet aboard. These systems are often integrated to ensure seamless communication, entertainment and operational capabilities. Depending on your future plans for the yacht, the itinerary and the size of the vessel, we will be able to advise you on the system that best suits your needs.

If you travel long distances offshore with your yacht, a system that uses satellite technology may be best for you. A series of antennae, modems and routers will have to be installed on board which, in turn, will establish connections with the satellites orbiting the Earth and bring the Internet to your boat. It can then be distributed throughout the ship using a WiFi network, allowing crew and guests to access it from anywhere on board. Internet distribution through ethernet cables is also used as part of an electrical renovation, allowing different areas to be monitored remotely.

Berthon Spain are registered installers of Starlink internet equipment. Starlink is pioneering satellite technology designed to meet the demands of superyachts traveling to places where regular internet providers cannot reach.