Yacht Electronics


The integration of electrical equipment on modern yachts is now key and most vital systems requires either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). Berthon Spain therefore must have skilled electricians on board to complement other departments.

Getting the wiring correct on any yacht is an important safety feature and plays a crucial part in any yacht refit or project. The electrical works must always be well planned out in advance to incorporate all the existing equipment on-board and any new installations, whether that be on the DC or AC circuits.


If there are to be any changes made from a yacht’s original factory electrical installation, these must be done in the correct manner and clearly documented. There is nothing worse than going to diagnose an issue with a yacht’s electrics, only to find that the schematics are not correct or that the wiring has not been properly labelled.

The generator(s) is the beating heart of any large yacht and we always say that if you can start your generator then everything else can be salvaged from there. Many of the modern amenities will run off 230 volts so having a good AC system and knowing exactly how the system works and its capabilities/shortcomings is of course important. When we install new generators and their associated wiring, we will always be sure to calculate that they are fit for purpose and meet the requirements of the systems found on-board.


The other main power sources on your yacht are your batteries, engine alternator and your inverter. We understand the importance of ensuring that your yacht’s batteries are in good condition, well maintained and with enough AMP hours to meet the yacht’s needs, and all this is regularly reviewed by our skilled electricians. There are of course many battery options to choose from; Lead Acid, AGM, Gel or Lithium Ions. We have experience of them all and can offer solid advice as to which one is best suited for your purposes.

Controlling all these components will often involve a Power Management System, Monitoring & Alarms System, and a PLC. Our team highly are trained and experienced in working with these and stay up to date with any new technology.

Lightning strikes are one of the worst things that can happen to your yacht’s electrics and this is an area that we have been involved in several times. We can go through all the electrical items and survey them to ensure that they have not been damaged and replace any equipment that has.

For any marine electrical requirements Berthon Spain are well placed to assist so please do get in touch.

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