13th May 2022
Spring 2022 in Palma de Mallorca


Spring is a wonderful time in Mallorca – not only because the weather starts to warm up again, but also the excitement and promise for the summer season ahead is reaching a fever pitch. The numerous marinas in Palma are positively bustling this time of year, and I have always found enjoyment in bringing a boat back to life after her winter hibernation.


Our workshop has been home to a variety of motor boats this winter. We have even had a 37 foot motor boat in full winter boat storage mode, completely wrapped in plastic, safe from external damage. Our custom-built RIB storage racks have been fully stocked with all manner of tenders and jet skis. A number of Williams jet drive tenders have been serviced and cleaned ready for re-launch. A couple of Sea-doo jet skis have found a home for a few months. A Highfield HX66 has been in storage throughout winter taking advantage of our indoor boat storage facilities and is now ready to go back in the water. One by one they are heading back to their owners in the marinas, fully serviced, cleaned, polished and antifouled. For the first time in months, there is room to move in the Berthon Spain Big Blue Shed!


TIGER BLUE has just left the workshop after a winter in our care. She was loaded onto the back of a specialised transport truck and taken to Arenal marina for launch. Over the past few months, our yacht engineering team have given the Cummins generator and Volvo engines a full service. The seacocks were all checked – a vitally important job as one was found to be loose, and in need of replacing. This small and almost forgettable task definitely averted a disaster and highlighted the importance of regular yacht maintenance. The topsides and superstructure were polished to perfection. Sea Jet antifoul was applied to the hull and Prop Speed applied to the propellers just before launch.


Sailing yachts that have wintered under Berthon Spain’s yacht guardiennage are also taking off their winter covers and coming back to life. Down in the marinas there is plenty going on with Berthon crew to be seen everywhere. Sails and running rigging that had been removed last year are now being hoisted again, Berthon take care of any sail servicing and repairs that need to take place over winter, so that a full summer cruising season will not be interrupted.


As part of our yacht management schedule, we recommend boats under guardiennage have dehumidifiers on-board from October through to April. These are now being taken off and hatches can be thrown open to let the warm spring sun shine in. Interiors can now be cleaned thoroughly, and preparations can be made for owners to return to their beloved yachts.

There are deck cushions coming back out of storage, after being meticulously cleaned and wrapped at the end of last summer, they are ready to go straight on-board. Biminis and sprayhoods are similarly being returned to the decks, a small reminder that very soon we will be seeking shade from the harsh sun that we are so happy to see out again now.

Bring on summer!

Contact andrew.fairbrass@berthonspain.com.

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