Berthon Spain offers CNC Milling – We can make anything for your yacht!

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Berthon Spain’s engineering team are delighted to have recently added a CNC milling machine to their arsenal. Of course, the team have worked for years with CAD drawings but now they are easily able to realise these drawings with a click of a button. Whatever is made can be saved and catalogued. If the same part is required in the future, the whole process is even quicker and easier!

With the pandemic meaning many marine companies have remained doggedly closed for August, it has become increasingly difficult for us to get parts, especially when time is tight. Utilising this machine means we can offer incredibly quick turn arounds and get our clients off sailing again in no time!

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All types of materials are being used from stainless steel, wood, plastics and rubber. We have just finished making some custom wood steps for a new swim ladder, fabricated for a Southerly 47. We have also made some plastic backing plates for AC controllers on the Baltic 147 VISIONE, another backing plate for a chart plotter on SY RAINBOW, a full set of custom-made glass holders for a brand new CNB 76 and some custom-made control boards for a Lagoon 620.

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This new piece of kit was spec’d, sourced, put together and put in operation by our incredibly talented head of engineering Nick McMullen. Nick joined shortly after the business was set up, and quickly persuaded us to invest in an expensive lathe with the assurance that it would pay for itself in no time. Of course, he was right, and it has not stopped turning since. Therefore, when Nick suggested we invest in this technology, we were in no doubt that it would be fully utilised.

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The more equipment we acquire (we have a lot!) and the more skilled technicians we employ, the better we can carry out increasingly ambitious commissions in-house. This has always been important to me as it allows us to keep a very tight control on quality and of course timing.

The CNC milling will also be heavily utilised in the coming refit season and having this machinery in-house means that our schedules will no longer be affected by delays for parts by suppliers. In addition, making parts ourselves will be more cost effective than buying from a supplier, cutting out the additional shipping costs generated by a supply chain.

Please do get in touch and set us a challenge. We are ready and waiting to make anything you may need for your yacht!

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