14th December 2022
Winter Storage of Yacht Tenders with our Guardiennage Team


It is that time of year again – when the yachts (and yacht tenders) under Berthon Spain’s guardiennage care are being put to bed for winter storage. Lucky them!

One of the many jobs we recommend is removing the tender from the decks, or taking it off the davits, and storing it over the winter months in our yacht/boat storage facility in Son Oms, Palma de Mallorca. We recommend –

  • Putting them into storage, instead of keeping them on board, to avoid any damage from the 6 months ahead of harsh winter weather.
  • It is also a great opportunity for our guardiennage crew to give each tender a clean, and our engineers to carry out any repairs and service the engine.


Each step of the process is tracked using our hours entry app, which each technician can log into and view each job by number. We find this system vital to coordinate between different Berthon Spain departments, even on something as simple as bringing in tenders for their winter rest.

Winter Storage of Yacht Tenders – The Process

  1. Before the tender even reaches our workshop, our guardiennage captain takes each tender for a quick sea trial to determine the overall condition.
  2. A quick report is compiled for the owner, who can then approve any of the winter work suggested. This will be passed on to the line managers to create the individual jobs on the app.
  3. On arrival at our Big Blue Shed, the outboard engines are flushed with fresh water, followed by draining any residual fuel from the system. They are then handed over to our competent guardiennage team who give each one a thorough, detailed clean.
  4. Back in the hands of the engineers, a full service of the outboard is done, and any further necessary repairs found on the sea trial will be completed.
  5. In order to store the tenders safely, the batteries are disconnected before the whole thing is wrapped in protective plastic sheeting.
  6. Our engineers take photos throughout the job to record any hurdles they come across, their process for carrying out a repair and for listing which parts were changed and their corresponding part numbers. This creates a comprehensive service log, allowing us to quickly recall what was done, on which date and by whom.
  7. Each technician working on a job records their daily hours and a brief description of how their time was spent, allowing us to be completely transparent when it comes to billing.
  8. The final step in the process, our warehouse manager lifts each tender with the forklift and places it onto one of our custom made tender storage racks, and most importantly, records the location of each one in the relevant job number!

For assistance or advice on your winter storage needs – please do contact andrew.fairbrass@berthonspain.com.

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