25th September 2019
When it comes to cleaning a yacht, the job is far from easy… – From Berthon Spain’s Valeting Team

Good yacht cleaning is all about the details and getting that right is far from easy. When I brief our yacht valeting team, I impress upon them just how important their job is, as the appearance of the yacht is key to our clients and us. The valeting team are the last ones off the yacht and even if all the mechanics and systems were 100%, if it is not cleaned to perfection then the whole service Berthon Spain prides itself on would be undermined.


All of our guardiennage team are deeply passionate about what they do and are complete perfectionists who will always stay until the job is 100% done. In my opinion, they have one of the most enviable jobs as although it is very hard work, it is also deeply rewarding in that they make our/all yachts the envy of their neighbours.


The signs we hang on the back of our guardiennage yachts state “Cared for with pride…” and that is exactly the attitude I want my team to have.

To clean a yacht well you need to go from the top of the mast to the bottom of the waterline. It is also so important that every locker and storage space is opened and that we check it is spotless inside every nook and cranny. It is no use cleaning the deck well for a client to then open up their BBQ and find remnants of last years dinner still festering!


Something else our cleaning team excel at is ‘detailing’. Once we have done the basic clean and chamois of a yacht, we will then pass over the vessel another two times to get the details right. Even the most thorough of staff members will miss something when they pass by the first time and that is why we always make sure we go over again, checking the yacht from every angle.



When we clean a yacht, we are at the same time making sure that everything on board is well presented and tidy. Most of our team are previous superyacht crew and therefore have many tricks up their sleeves to make a yacht look fabulous. Of course, key to this is the guardiennage manager who will be with the team at the end before the client comes and is well versed in dressing the yacht perfectly.


Of course, cleaning the interior of the yacht is equally as important. Ensuring that all the cupboards have been well cleaned out, the fridges & freezers, AC ducting and under floorboards & the bilge.


If we have taken over a yacht that has not been so well cared for previously it always astonishes the difference a good clean makes to the look and feel of her. By their very nature, yachts have many difficult areas to reach, where dirt can accumulate, and a good yacht valets’ job is to find ways of getting to all of them.

Get in touch with us and we can show you what perfection really looks like!

Contact andrew.fairbrass@berthonspain.com and/or addy.daly@berthonspain.com.

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