The Humphreys 77, AGLAIA – Berthon Spain’s Favourite Lady

This slightly older lady has had a lot of work done and by a very skilled team of surgeons, hence she can keep pace with all the younger models! You seriously must look around this Humphreys 77 to believe the condition she is in. I would bring your chequebook because you’ll be in love by the time you are ready to leave. She has us all under her spell already.

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AGLAIA has been out of the water having her bottom done. Two coats of International Micron Extra anti-foul were applied, as well as an additional one on the water line. At this time, we also serviced all the through hole fittings.

The stern gland was also replaced and propeller & shaft have been given a new coat of Prop Speed. We find this works very effectively at keeping them super slippery for the season – saving on fuel and allowing the yacht to reach optimum speed both under power and sail.

Every time I sail AGLAIA I’m amazed at how quickly she picks up her coat tails and in light airs as well. The last time we were out we were trucking along at 10 knots without even trying, even more impressive given my trim skills are akin to Eddie the Eagles ski jumping.

The engine and generator have also been given a very good service making sure that they will be tip top and ready for the season. The generator was brand new in 2016 and the engine has been serviced so well in its life that it’s probably better than new!

In other winter works we have also serviced the following; air-conditioning, safety equipment, and security bars on the hatches. Plus, we have washed and waxed the hull and mast, washed the running rigging, varnished any woodwork that needed it and checked and tested the supersonic AV system.

The transom door has been off for painting as has the boom and the yacht has had many rigorous sea trials before heading off to Ibiza with the owners on board. Since then we have replaced all of the exterior covers including bimini and sprayhood for new ones. We have also reworked all the plumbing for the crew air conditioning as this was showing its age.

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