12th March 2021
Service Now – Enjoy Later!

Service Now - Enjoy Later!

Despite Covid, our engineering team remain remarkably busy! We bring you a little insight into their mechanical world.

Whilst any yacht is in down time with us, we always recommend a good service of her mechanical systems. A well serviced marine diesel engine will go on, with total reliability. Our colleagues in the haulage industry anticipate the life of a diesel engine at 20,000 hours, so in comparison most yacht engines have barely scratched the surface of their working life! In our experience, demise of most yacht engines is normally neglect.

Service Now - Enjoy Later!

Berthon Spain’s trained engineers will always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and install the correct, factory supplied parts. All our technicians are former yacht crew and therefore fully understand the importance of reliability, especially at 3 am when it is blowing a force 6, or when you are docking with a strong cross wind and a crowd gathered on the dock to watch!

The power of observation is key to the success of any good engineer or yacht captain. We are often asked to carry out a basic service on an engine, but once we start, we notice faults that are crying out for attention. If there is any kind of leakage on an engine, be it salt, fuel or oil, then you have a problem building. For an experienced technician, these faults are easy to find.

Service Now - Enjoy Later!

Heat exchanger servicing is something that we find regularly gets forgotten and is of course key to the wellbeing of a salt water cooled engine. Also, rotary seals on water pumps are items that wear quickly and then begin to leak and spray the engine with salt. The gearbox is another component which needs regular service and which is a key part of any thorough mechanical service period.

Occasionally our team will be called to service an engine which is too far gone to repair economically, and in this case, the best solution is to install a replacement unit. Whilst the cost of doing this is right up there on most owner’s wish-not list, it can be a great opportunity to improve and invest. Older engines can be noisy, inefficient, and sometimes costly to service.

When Berthon Spain install a new engine, our engineers first carry out a feasibility study, establish the owner’s requirements and see where improvements might be made. Once the old engine or generator has been removed, the engine room is given a thorough and deep clean, that any necessary insulation is replaced and the bilge is re-painted.

Once the new engine has been installed, we will thoroughly test the engine both on the dock and at sea. We will return for the engine’s first service after only 50 hours, when it will receive a detailed inspection once again.

Having carried out many engine replacements, Berthon Spain offer a first class engine install service and also have the experience to provide the best possible advice about the best engine set up to choose.

Service Now - Enjoy Later!

Berthon Spain also regularly service outboard engines on tenders, RIBS, and chase boats. Most of these can be worked on within our large facility in Son Oms as it is easy to bring whole yacht inside, either on a truck or trailer.

Service Now - Enjoy Later!

The team are currently installing two brand new Westerbeke petrol generators.

If you have any engine or generator requirements then please do get in touch with Berthon today.

Managing Director – andrew.fairbrass@berthonspain.com
Tel: +34 971 415 441

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