25th July 2023
How to Choose the Right Yacht Guardiennage Service

how to choose guardiennage

Choosing the right yacht guardiennage service is an important decision for any yacht owner. The right service not only ensures to uphold the value of your yacht through regular cleaning and maintenance but also provides peace of mind knowing that regular safety checks are also being carried out. This article will guide you through key considerations when selecting a yacht guardiennage provider and help you evaluate your specific needs for boat maintenance and management.

Key Considerations When Selecting a Yacht Guardiennage Provider


When selecting a yacht guardiennage provider, several factors should be taken into account to ensure you choose a service that meets your needs and expectations.

Provider’s Reputation, Experience, and Equipment

  1. Reputation: The time-tested method for finding reliable, quality workers of walking around the marina and asking fellow yacht owners for recommendations, is still highly valuable. Of course, you can check online reviews and ask various companies for client references as well, but seeing a well cared for yacht moored safely in a marina is one of the best business advertisements a yacht guardiennage provider can have. Watching to see how often employees are on board can give you an idea of how much care is actually given to the individual yachts.
  2. Experience: Employees with skills gained from experience at sea are vital when it comes to guardiennage. Perhaps from a childhood spent on a family-owned yacht, or working as a captain, deckhand or engineer on superyachts, all this experience counts towards knowing how to correctly care for a yacht. An experienced worker will be familiar with on-board equipment and know how to use it safely. Furthermore, spotting any potential issues before they escalate into problems and knowing how to handle them efficiently and effectively is an attribute that comes from experience only.
  3. Equipment: The provider should have the necessary equipment to carry out all relevant tasks. Guardiennage covers a wide range of jobs, all of which require specialised apparatus. From using the correct cleaning products on delicate interior surfaces, having the range of tools needed to service any brand of engine or generator, to having all the personal protective equipment for employees to work safely in the shipyard. Finding out what facilities a provider has ashore is an additional key point. There are many boat maintenance jobs which are best suited to being done in a well-equipped workshop.
Criteria Description
Reputation Look for a provider with positive reviews and a strong reputation in the yachting community.
Experience The provider should have ample experience in how to care for both sail and motor yachts.
Equipment Ensure the provider has the necessary tools and equipment for all guardiennage tasks.

Evaluating Your Needs for Boat Maintenance and Management


Before choosing a guardiennage service, it is important to evaluate your specific needs. This will depend on factors such as the size of your yacht, how often it’s used, where it’s docked, and your personal skill level in handling certain tasks. If you don’t live near the home port of your yacht, and are physically not able to check on the security of your vessel at regular intervals, knowing you have a responsible guardiennage captain doing this on your behalf will bring great peace of mind.

Consider the following:

  • Frequency of Use: If you use your yacht frequently, you may require more regular services. For example, the time for your next engine service is calculated by the engine hours used. Sails and rigging that are used every week will wear faster than those used twice a year. Marine equipment can have a habit of not functioning correctly if left for long periods of time without use. A simple start up and freshwater flush of a water maker can vastly reduce the chances of that equipment failing during a holiday.
  • Location: If your yacht is docked in an area with harsh weather conditions, you will most likely require more safety checks of the lines and fenders. Even with good shelter from inclement weather, a significant tide drop can also affect your well positioned mooring lines. If you are moored in a busy marina, perhaps you will find you have a new neighbour arriving every week, and therefore your fender positions need to be adjusted accordingly on a regular basis.
  • Size and Type of Yacht: Larger yachts or specific types of yachts may require distinct guardiennage services. Typically, a larger yacht will carry more equipment, thus requiring more time spent on thorough operational checks for each system. Equally, it takes longer to clean a 25m motor yacht with a flybridge than it does a 12m sailing yacht.

Making the Final Decision: What to Look for in a Provider


After you have evaluated your needs and considered potential providers, it is time to make a final decision. In this stage, consider the following:

  1. Services Offered: Ensure the provider offers all the services you need. This might include safety checks and monitoring the local weather changes, cleaning, maintenance, and system operational checks. Advice on extra work to improve your yacht, rather than the bare minimum, is also valuable.
  2. Cost: Compare the cost of the services offered by different providers. Bear in mind that the cheapest option may not provide the best value for money.
  3. Communication: The provider should have good communication, providing regular updates and being responsive to your queries or concerns. Meeting a person face to face rather than via email or telephone can help you decide whether to trust them with your yacht
Criteria Description
Services Offered The provider should offer all the services you need, and advice on maintenance schedules.
Cost Consider the cost of the services, but remember that the cheapest option may not offer the best value.
Communication Look for a provider that communicates well and provides regular updates.



Choosing the right yacht guardiennage service requires careful consideration of several factors, including the provider’s reputation, experience, equipment, and the specific services they offer. By understanding your specific needs and carefully evaluating potential providers, you can find a service that grants the best possible care for your boat. This results in not only upholding the value of your yacht, but your peace of mind whilst away from your yacht and whilst enjoying a wonderful holiday on board with family or friends.

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