7th December 2021
Berthon Spain’s Fabrication Department – Now Full Speed Ahead for the Winter

Berthon Spain’s Fabrication Department - Now Full Speed Ahead for the Winter

Our fabrication team have a real boost with the addition of Mario who is a full-time workshop-based welder and machinist. We have added a much larger 3 phase lathe which, with a 2.5 metre bed, allows us to turn much bigger pieces than previously. Plus, an enormous milling machine, four times the size of our existing one, means we can cut through much larger parts and denser materials.

Mario has recently been fabricating lots of rigging parts out of stainless steel; pins, washers, bushes, mounting brackets, hydraulic rams, and pump shafts. He has also made himself extremely useful in the Berthon storage facility by designing and fabricating large 3-ton dollies for the bigger RIBS we have in for winter storage and several 1-ton dollies for the smaller tenders from our guardiennage fleet.

Our next project is to build a custom system for a tender on a large Oyster to stop it moving around when it’s on the davits whilst the yacht is in port. We are then moving onto the design and fabrication of a stainless-steel platform for the passerelle to sit on, which will improve the angle for the owners and crew when boarding.

Berthon Spain’s Fabrication Department - Now Full Speed Ahead for the Winter

After this, we will be fabricating some fairleads for the Spirit 70 we have in refit, which will allow the crew to get mooring lines into the gaps easily. The Spirit 70 project also has other fabricating tasks for Mario, such as welded repairs to the stainless-steel fridge fronts, making new aluminium brackets and new copper nickel hatch frames.

The next job is welding up a sliding frame for a generator on a J Class yachts, allowing the generator to be more easily accessible. As well as metal fabrication, we are also regularly working with thermoplastics such as Delrin and Vesconite. We often use these materials to fabricate rollers for anchor davits, rollers for tender sledges and bushes.

One of our specialties is bending tubing for the fabrication of pushpits and pulpits and we hope to be doing more of this type of work this winter. It is a real pleasure to be able to see these items made and fitted aboard large yachts.

Berthon Spain’s Fabrication Department - Now Full Speed Ahead for the Winter

Having a team of fabricators and machinists who specialise in the yachting sector has always been part of our core business, as this type of work is part and parcel of yacht refits and projects. I am delighted that we have been able to strengthen this department further and am looking forward to seeing this part of our business grow.

At the moment we are offering a promotional discount on fabrication works until the end of the 2021. If we can work with you on your yacht fabricating requirements please get in touch with andrew.fairbarass@berthonspain.com

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