2nd March 2021
Berthon Spain – Repainting a Gunfleet 58

Berthon Spain – Repainting a Gunfleet 58

Berthon Spain currently have several interesting projects in progress as well as our usual winter yard works. One of our bigger projects right now is repainting a Gunfleet 58.

The owners of the yacht are using the down time forced on them by the Covid Pandemic to ensure that their yacht is in pristine condition when they are able to go sailing again.

We have advised the owners to put her under a TPA (Tràfico de Perfeccionamiento Activo or Inward Processing Relief) to temporarily import the vessel which means all the works can be done without VAT/IVA. Once the project is complete, we will take the yacht out of the EU to close the TPA.

Berthon Spain – Repainting a Gunfleet 58

After taking the yacht to the shipyard, we began as we always do with any large project, by laying down as much protection on the yacht as possible. All soft furnishings were taken off and stored under the yacht in a shipping container. Then began the lengthy task of removing all the deck and cap rail fittings. Doing this ensures the new paint below these fittings is well sealed. Of course, these items are carefully labelled and then stored in the container on organised shelves, making the task of putting everything back far easier.

Berthon Spain – Repainting a Gunfleet 58

In the interim, our trusted partner ‘Cover Up’ erected the containment tent around the yacht and incorporated a smaller tent to enable us to paint removable parts. Then our team of sanders got busy sanding every single part of the hull and superstructure to provide an entirely smooth surface thus providing a key for the paint to ensure it bonds. Any imperfections are filled, faired, and then sanded back to ensure we get the smoothest possible finish.

Berthon Spain – Repainting a Gunfleet 58

Following this we apply 3 coats of epoxy primer, then sand back once more before washing the yacht down thoroughly. The yacht will then be finished off with the Awlgrip topcoats, grey for the hull and snow white for the topsides. After this, the incredibly careful re-assembly begins of all the deck fittings. The bottom of the yacht will be anti-fouled, the propeller given a good coat of Prop Speed and all underwater systems will be checked and serviced.

Berthon Spain – Repainting a Gunfleet 58

After launch, the yacht is then passed back to into the gentle care of our guardiennage team who will recommission her for the summer. The running rigging, Dolphin sails and AB tender will be re-installed and checked. The teak will be given a light clean and treated with Semco. The stainless steel will all be polished to a mirror finish and the interior will be cleaned and once completed she will look like a 6-star hotel.

We look forward to welcoming the owners back to their gleaming yacht that will look brand new, ready for their next adventures.

We’d love to help you prepare your yacht for the 2021 season. Please contact Berthon Spain for all your projects and refits

Managing Director – andrew.fairbrass@berthonspain.com
Tel: +34 971 415 441

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