Yacht Painting

Berthon Spain’s experienced yacht painting team are there to support our clients whether it be a small repair or an exciting new repaint. Painting is often a major part of any refit or project for us and by carrying this work out with our in-house team, it means we retain complete control of the quality and timing.


The key aspect to a successful paintjob is preparation and organisation. When carrying out a full hull and superstructure repaint, we will always encourage the client to let us strip the yacht of its deck hardware first as this allows us to get paint underneath and ensure a good bond and seal. When doing this we ensure that every item is removed carefully, wrapped, catalogued, any damage noted/reported to project management and then stored. By carrying out the removal of all the deck fittings in a meticulously organised manner, everything then goes back in the same way and without costly delays.

Building a containment tent is a major factor in any paintwork project as this will keep any contaminants from the new paint but also will protect the environment from the dust and spray created by the works. Under Cover are one of our preferred partners for tenting and always carry out fast and efficient work at competitive rates.

Once the vessel has been prepped for paint and everything has been wrapped in protective plastic, we then begin the sanding process. Our painters will ensure that the surface is completely blemish free before any paint is applied. Any composite repairs must be made at this time before we begin building up the paint.

We always work in conjunction with the main paint suppliers on any project and they will sign off on the application every step of the way to ensure we can offer our clients the maximum warranty period. Once finished we will ensure everything is reinstalled on the yacht as before, paintwork is well polished and protected with UV treatments and the yacht is carefully returned to her berth!


Our painting team also paint many other yacht parts for our customers. In our state-of-the-art facility in Son Oms, we have a custom-made paint booth which allows us to take in all manner of boat parts for painting. Often these are items our engineering team have been fixing and we can then send them back as good as new. Spars and rigging also come into us regularly, as coming to us avoids the cost of applying for temporary licences in the shipyards.

For any painting needs at all please get in touch with andrew.fairbrass@berthonspain.com.

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