Our guardiennage services: next level yacht care

May 15, 2018 | Guardiennage


We started Berthon Spain as a guardiennage company with the view to be able to offer clients everything in house. 


The beauty of this is that the client then only has one point of contact for everything that boating in Palma entails.

“It’s something that has worked and continues to work extremely well and we enjoy the close and personal relationship that we form with all our clients.”

Andrew Fairbrass – CEO Berthon Spain

Our Guardiennage Services


Our goal is to always find the problem before the client does and this ensures that they don’t lose out on any time on the water.


To carry out yacht care properly you have to be obsessive about the details.

We look under every bilge panel, we move every sea-cock, we run every pump and engine. 

Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.


In the winter months each yacht is gone through in even more detail, to check if everything is being kept in line with manufacturer recommendations.

To give you an idea of what a winter check entails:

  • service all the engines and generators,
  • anti-foul,
  • polish,
  • service winches & windlasses,
  • remove sails and get them serviced,
  • check rigging,
  • check thrusters,
  • check steering & rudders,
  • check drive gear,
  • clean, store and service tenders,
  • check all the safety gear,
  • check the refrigeration,
  • check all the sea-valves,
  • change anodes…

We do the whole nine yards!

Tender storage during winter


By undertaking everything ourselves we then get to really know a yacht and using our sophisticated electronic data base we can record every little job that has been done.

This means when you take your yacht further away we will still be happy to provide you with information and if something has gone wrong we can quite often quickly suggest a solution on the phone.


For our Palma based clients we are always there in a flash.

One of our clients starter motors failed on his Perkins engine last weekend and he phoned us on a Saturday night and by 11am on Sunday morning he was up and running again and off to enjoy some sailing.


We gather all this information and ensure that your yacht is kept in tip top condition.

It not only allows more enjoyment when you are using the yacht, but when you come to sell it, we can help there as well by providing answers to every technical question a future buyer might have.

We’ll then try and persuade you to buy another one! 😉

Get in touch today and become a member of the Berthon Spain family!


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