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Berthon Spain are delighted to have become an official dealer for Westerbeke Corporation following our recent takeover of Marine Machine’s business. Westerbeke generators are well known and have been installed in countless yachts for over 80 years. MD Andrew Fairbrass first discovered Westerbeke on Swans and Oysters and has always been impressed with their reliability and ease of maintenance.

We recently removed a 20-year-old Westerbeke from an Oyster 55 and despite its advancing years, the generator set was still running smoothly. In fact, it is now installed in a friend’s house where it supplies their power; it will probably go on for another 20 years in its new land-based role.

A great testament to the reliability of this brand is that Westerbeke is trusted by fire-rescue, law enforcement and national defence services in the United States where mechanical failure is just not an option.

Westerbeke’s confidence in the reliability of their products is well demonstrated by the length and comprehensiveness of their warranty. The after-sales support that Westerbeke offers is first class. They are always on hand to advise and the shipping of parts is quick and efficient. Berthon Spain now holds a large amount of Westerbeke stock and has almost every manual from every engine they have produced for the last 30 years!

Westerbeke was an early pioneer of marine diesel propulsion in the yachting sector and is a great innovator. Westerbeke D-NET were the first marine diesel generators available with NEMA 2000 certification, thus becoming ideally suited for modern yachts incorporating a NEMA 2000 certified “backbone” cable shared by Westerbeke and other certified products.

Westerbeke has also won two “back to back” NMMA innovation awards for their comprehensive marine gasoline generator line with the introduction of the first low-CO emissions and an innovative, “mini” gasoline generator. Another accomplishment was the first introduction of electronic fuel injection (EFI) on marine gasoline generators. Reducing carbon monoxide emissions, environmental impact and increasing the enjoyment of conscientious boat owners, Westerbeke remains a leader in the marine gasoline generator market.

Among owners of tenders, chase boats and small performance vessels there is a strong need for more powerful generators with less weight and smaller envelopes. Westerbeke has identified this need and responded with very small, lightweight, low RPM, gasoline generators that can be easily installed and integrated in these types of vessels to include many operated worldwide by the U.S. Navy.

Please do get in touch with Berthon Spain if we can help with any parts supply, service or installation of Westerbeke products.

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