Official Dealers for Beta Marine


Berthon Spain were delighted recently to become official dealers for Beta Marine, this follows our take over of Marine Machine. With some 30+ years’ experience in the marine propulsion and power sector the guys at Beta Marine really know what they are doing. Interestingly, these days we are finding that there is an increasing demand from our clients to supply them with less complex engines.

Many engines we now see being installed on yachts are obviously filtering down from the auto-motive sector and there can be some serious disadvantages installing some of these on yachts. It’s all very well on shore being able to plug your engine into a laptop with good 4G to diagnose any faults, but less so when you are in the middle of a force 8 gale and your engine has cut out!

Beta Marine understands this, and their focus is on reliability which of course leads to peace of mind, knowing that you can rely on your engine when you need it the most. However, don’t for a minute think that Beta’s engines are in anyway old fashioned, as they continue to explore state of the art innovations.

Beta’s support in terms of installation, both for us and the clients, is second to none. They understand the complexities of fitting engines to yachts and are on hand to help throughout the whole process. This then allows us at Berthon to carry out a precise installation and ensures trouble free motoring for our clients and plus ease of service.

Beta also understand that clients cannot always get to a recognised dealership, and so facilitate the provision of official parts to customers, who can then carry out their own service work without jeopardising their warranty.

Berthon Spain’s large team of well-trained engineers and technicians are regularly installing engines and generators, and it is going to be a pleasure for us to carry out this work on behalf of Beta Marine in the Balearics. We have also acquired a large amount of stock from Marine Machine, which puts us in a very good position to be able to help existing clients of Beta.

Please get in touch with us should you have any queries.

Berthon Spain, Here For You 24/7

We are very centrally located, close to STP (the shipyard of Palma de Mallorca).

Contact Details

Carrer de Jeroni Pou 17
07006 Palma
Illes Baleares
+34 674 461 405

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