Privacy & Cookie Policy

At Berthon Spain we respect the privacy of our visitors

Which personal data do we collect?

  • Berthon Spain does not collect personal data through our website.
  • We use cookies to enhance site navigation, analyse site usage and assist in our marketing efforts.

Use of additional services

  • Google Analytics Privacy Policy can be found here.
  • Facebook Privacy Policy can be found here.

How to delete cookies?

  • If you disable cookies, some features will be disabled. It will affect the users experience and some of our services will not function properly.
  • If you would like to delete cookies you can do so by going to your browser settings.
  • If you would like to opt out from any privacy policy and herewith prevent any data from being stored, click here.
  • More info on how Google uses information.

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us.