Carbon Steering Wheels & Carbon Gangways

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Berthon Spain is distributor of the unique Carbonautica products. They are perfect carbon parts for yachts. These strong, high quality,  beautiful designs are incomparable.

Carbon is an excellent material to make carbon passerelles or carbon gangways, we also offer a range of other composite passerelles. We have a big assortment of carbon steering wheels, all customized to your yacht.

Carbon Steering Wheels

  • Steering wheels are made out of one piece of carbon fibre.
  • Different kinds of hubs available.
  • Different sizes and models available.
  • Weight depending on the size, between 1200g (2,6lbs) and 4600g (9.9lbs).
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Carbon Steering Wheel 01

Carbon Steering Wheel 02

Carbon Steering Wheel 03

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Carbon Gangways

Carbon Gangway 06

Carbon Gangway 05

Carbon Gangway 04

Carbon Gangway 03

Carbon Gangway 02

Carbon Gangway 01